NJOY Ace Vape

Since its introduction, the NJOY Ace has established a distinctive presence in the world of prefilled pod vapes, due to its sleek design and straightforward functionality. Now, two years since its debut, this review explores how the NJOY Ace has evolved. From its initial attraction to its current standing, we delve into the device’s design, performance, and the range of flavors offered in its pods. Join us as we uncover what makes the NJOY Ace a compelling choice for vapers seeking simplicity, while also examining the challenges it faces in maintaining consistency and reliability.

Overview Of NJOY Ace

The NJOY Ace is a prefilled pod vape known for its elegant design and simplicity. Users appreciate its ease of use – just insert a pod and start vaping. Its compact, stylish look and hassle-free operation made it a popular choice.


Specifications Details
Flavor Pods Cool Menthol, Blueberry, Classic Tobacco, Watermelon Twist (availability varies by location)
Pod Capacity 1.9 mL of vape liquid
Nicotine Strength 5.0% or 2.4%
Dimensions Height: 3.5”, Width: 1.1”, Depth: 0.5”
Weight Slightly over two ounces
Design Sleek, premium finish with black and grey color scheme; soft-touch finger pads for grip and comfort
Battery Life Up to a full day of regular use
Charging Time Under an hour with an included micro-USB cable
Pass-Through Charging Yes, supports vaping while charging

NJOY Pods Flavors

  • Classic Tobacco: This flavor provides a slightly sweet and nutty taste, reminiscent of traditional cigarettes, minus the combustion.
  • Cool Menthol: This flavor offers a refreshing cooling sensation with a hint of mint, perfect for former menthol cigarette smokers.
  • Watermelon Twist (not available in the U.S.): A fruity, refreshing option that adds variety to the flavor lineup.
  • Blueberry: A fruity flavor that’s a bit artificial but still popular among users, though availability can be limited.

How To Start Using The NJOY Ace?

  • Insert the magnetic pod into the device.
  • The automatic draw system activates the heating element when you inhale, eliminating the need for buttons or settings.

This simplicity makes the NJOY Ace perfect for beginners and those in search of a hassle-free vaping experience.

Performance Challenges With NJOY Ace Pods

Despite its initial promise, the NJOY Ace has faced significant issues with pod consistency and performance. Many users report frequent burnt hits, indicating problems with pod reliability. Although NJOY’s customer service has been responsive, offering replacements and support, the recurring issues remain a frustration for many users. These performance inconsistencies overshadow the device’s appealing features and highlight the need for better quality control.

Pros & Cons Of NJOY Ace Vape


  • Sleek, premium design
  • Easy to use—no buttons, just insert and vape
  • Good flavor options like Classic Tobacco and Cool Menthol
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Responsive customer service


  • Weak pod magnets
  • Quality control issues with pod consistency
  • Inconsistent performance, including burnt hits
  • Ongoing cost of pods can be high
  • Limited flavor availability in the U.S.


Two years after launch, the NJOY Ace has been praised for its design and user-friendliness but has been hampered by persistent pod quality issues. While the device excels in appearance and ease of use, inconsistent pod performance and frequent burnt hits detract from its overall appeal. Addressing these quality control issues is crucial for NJOY to enhance user satisfaction and remain competitive.


  1. What are the available NJOY Ace pod flavors?

The NJOY Ace offers four main pod flavors: Classic Tobacco, Blueberry, Cool Menthol, and Watermelon Twist. However, availability may vary by location, with Watermelon Twist and Blueberry often not available in the U.S.

  1. How long does the NJOY Ace battery last, and how quickly does it charge?

The NJOY Ace battery typically lasts up to a day with regular use. Charging the device is quick and convenient, taking under an hour with the included micro-USB cable. Additionally, the NJOY Ace supports pass-through charging, allowing you to vape while it charges.

  1. What are the common issues with NJOY Ace pods?

Users frequently report issues with NJOY Ace pods, including inconsistent pod quality and frequent burnt hits. These problems suggest a need for improved reliability and quality control in pod manufacturing.