Live Resin Cart Vs. Distillate Cart

Cannabis has received a lot of limelight since researchers found its therapeutic benefits. In ancient times, physicians used it as an herb. In modern times, people are interested in that aspect to know how it can benefit their health. Researchers are using different methods of cannabinoid extraction from cannabis plants to preserve its natural form and therapeutic qualities. Live resin carts and distillate carts are also prepared using two different extraction methods. In this article, we will shed light on extraction methods while explaining their benefits.

Extraction Of Cannabinoids

Extraction is a method for removing various compounds, such as cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, from the cannabis plant. To extract these cannabinoids, we employ a process in which we use solvents (liquids that can dissolve things) like alcohol or CO2 to extract the cannabinoids from the plant material. 

Once the cannabinoids are dissolved in the solvent, we filter out the plant material, leaving behind a solution rich in cannabinoids. Then, we remove the solvent, usually through evaporation or other methods, to leave behind a concentrated cannabis extract. This extract can then be used to make various products like oils, edibles, or vape cartridges. In this article, we will discuss what is a live resin cart? and what is a distillate cart?

Different Types Of Extraction & Their Byproducts

What Is A Live Resin Cart?

Live resin is a cannabis extract that captures the true essence of the plant in its fresh form. Normally, cannabis plants are dried and cured before processing. However, with live resin, the plant is immediately frozen after being cut. This freezing process helps in retaining more of the plant’s natural compounds, such as terpenes, which are responsible for its flavor and aroma. Live resin preserves more of the plant’s natural qualities, like taste and smell. Compared to other extracts, it tends to have a stronger and more flavorful profile.

What Is A Distillate Cart?

Distillate is a concentrated form of cannabis extract created through distillation. During this process, impurities, plant matter, and other cannabinoids are removed, leaving behind a pure concentrate of specific compounds, such as THC or CBD. Compared to other cannabis extracts, distillate has a mild taste and odor.

Live Resin Cart Vs. Distillate Cart

Aspect Live Resin Cart Distillate Cart
Source Freshly frozen cannabis plants Processed cannabis material
Extraction Process Preserves natural compounds like terpenes Highly refined to isolate specific cannabinoids
Flavor & Aroma Robust and flavorful, closer to the plant’s natural profile Milder taste and odor due to the purification process
Cannabinoid Profile Contains a broader range of cannabinoids Often contains a single cannabinoid, like THC or CBD
Potency Potency varies, typically with lower THC content High potency, usually focused on THC or CBD
Consistency May vary based on plant material and extraction process Consistent potency and flavor due to the purification process


In summary, live resin carts and distillate carts both hold different properties and have different effects on the body when consumed. One is in frozen form to provide the best natural flavor and impact while another is distilled to get the concentrated form of THC and CBD. After the legalization of hemp, both methods have received widespread attention and retailers often wait for the concrete results of any newly found cannabinoids to encash it by launching their products. People should be aware of the impacts of each compound and cannabinoid before using them to make an informed choice.


What is the process of distillation of CBD?

The distillation process involves the heating of the extracted material of CBD. In this process, impurities evaporate and vapor is condensed to produce a purified CBD.

What is a live resin cart?

A live resin cart is prepared by extracting the important compounds from CBD and then freezing the dried plant.

Which is more potent live resin cart or distillate cart?

A live resin cart is less potent than a distillate cart as the latter has a high amount of THC and CBD.