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Do Vape Have Calories? Does It Affect The Weight Or Absorbed By The Body?

Vaping has become a popular alternative to smoking, but there are still many questions about its health effects. One of the concerns is whether vaping has calories and if it can affect weight. This article delves into the ingredients of vape juice, the presence of calories, and how these factors might impact your body and weight.

Vape: An Overview

Inhaling vapor from an electronic cigarette or similar device is known as vaping. Vapor is created by heating a liquid, usually vape juice or e-liquid. Vaping is chosen for different reasons, such as quitting smoking, recreational use, or enjoying flavored vapors.

Ingredients Of A Vape Juice

Vape juice typically contains four main ingredients:

  • Propylene Glycol (PG): A synthetic liquid that carries flavor and provides a throat hit similar to smoking.
  • Vegetable Glycerin (VG): A natural compound derived from vegetable oil that creates thick vapor clouds.
  • Flavorings: Food-grade additives that give vape juice its taste, ranging from fruits to desserts.
  • Nicotine: An optional ingredient that can be adjusted or omitted based on user preference.

Do Vapes Have Calories?

Yes, vape juice does contain calories, primarily due to the presence of PG and VG. However, the number of calories is minimal. A typical milliliter of vape juice contains about 4-5 calories, which is significantly less than what you would find in even the smallest snacks.

How The Calories Of Vape Juice Affect The Weight?

The calories in vape juice are not likely to significantly impact your weight. When you vape, the liquid is heated and converted into vapor, meaning you inhale the vapor rather than consuming the liquid directly. Consequently, the caloric intake from vaping is negligible and unlikely to contribute to weight gain. Moreover, since you are not ingesting the liquid, your body does not absorb these calories in the same way it would with food or drinks.

How Many Calories Are Necessary For The Human Body?

The average adult requires around 2000-2500 calories per day to maintain their weight, depending on various factors like age, gender, activity level, and metabolic rate. This caloric intake is meant to support bodily functions, energy expenditure, and overall health. Given the minuscule calorie content in vape juice, it does not contribute meaningfully to your daily caloric intake.

Calories In Vape Juice And Keto Diet

The keto diet, which is high in fats and low in carbohydrates, focuses on maintaining a state of ketosis to burn fat for energy. Since vape juice contains very few calories and no carbohydrates, it does not interfere with ketosis. Some flavorings might have trace amounts of sugars or carbohydrates, but these are usually insignificant and unlikely to affect the diet adversely.

Does Nicotine Help In Weight Loss?

Nicotine is known to have an appetite-suppressing effect, which can potentially aid in weight loss. It stimulates the central nervous system, increasing heart rate and metabolism slightly, leading to a temporary boost in calorie burning. However, relying on nicotine for weight loss is not advisable due to its addictive nature and potential health risks, such as cardiovascular issues and respiratory problems.

Bottom Line

In summary, while vape juice does contain minimal calories, they are unlikely to affect your weight or be absorbed by your body significantly. The primary ingredients in vape juice, PG and VG, contribute to these calories, but the amounts are too small to make a noticeable difference. Moreover, vaping is not a viable weight loss strategy, and the potential health risks of nicotine should be considered. If you are concerned about your weight or diet, focusing on a balanced diet and regular exercise is a healthier and more sustainable approach.


Do vapes have any significant calories?

No, vape juice contains very few calories, which are not enough to impact your weight significantly.

Can vaping affect my keto diet?

No, the calorie content in vape juice is minimal and does not contain enough carbohydrates to affect ketosis.

Does nicotine in vape juice help with weight loss?

Nicotine can suppress appetite and slightly boost metabolism, but it is not a safe or recommended method for weight loss.

Are the calories in vape juice absorbed by the body?

No, the calories in vape juice are not absorbed in the same way as food since you inhale the vapor rather than ingest the liquid.

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